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About Us



Results-Driven Skincare for People Of Color.

Created by an Expert Esthetician.



Hi, I’m Annastazia Unce. I’ve been an esthetician for 9 years and currently own and operate Kimeera Spa. There I specialize in treating hyperpigmentation and acne in people of color. Aside from running my spa, I’m a published author of 2 books, “Spot Remover” (which is available on Amazon) and “Ingredients To Run From.” I also host a podcast called The Glo Getter Podcast, wrote as a contributor to Dermascope Magazine,,, The Klog, and have been featured in an exclusive article in 21ninety.


True Glō Expert Skincare was created out of a need on the beauty market for skincare that works for black and brown people. I’m a skincare professional and cosmetic chemist. Our mission is to stop the circulation of false information and to educate consumers on facts and science. I’m a “tell it like it is” kind of esthetician, and let me tell you turmeric ain't getting rid of no darks spots hunny! I’m bothered by the number of brands on the market that market to black clients but don’t work and have no science to support their claims. I want to stop the narrative of “natural is better”. Water is a chemical and arsenic is organic but it WILL kill you! All of our skins need a balance of safe and scientifically proven effective ingredients. 


True Glō Expert Skincare is different from other lines because we focus on results. I know how hard it is to deal with dark spots and acne. Our line has quality ingredients and stable formulas that produce results in as soon as 30 days.* The struggles my clients have dealt with over the years urged me on to create this company. I’m happy to say I’ve created clear and measurable results in the treatment room, now I want to extend the possibility of these results to all of you. Our products are made in small batches and packed in environmentally responsible packaging and the revenue directly benefits families in our community.